Private Courier Service

Hand Held, Personal & Confidential Delivery 

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Private courier service is a company specializing in hand held, personal delivery of private documents or packages that must be accompanied by a secure and trusted individual worldwide.

We will pick up and deliver your items anywhere in the world.  Need something delivered to the middle of the Amazon rain forest?  Call us.  Need something delivered to a war zone securely?  Call us.  Need something delivered to an office in the middle of Moscow?  Call us.

(305) 600-5121

We specialize in delivering your documents or package to your recipient anywhere in the world and we do it by hand, securely, safe and confidential!  We physically get on a plane, train, boat, car, bicycle, snow mobile or what ever it takes to get your item to your recipient!

This is not Fed-Ex, UPS or some other “put it on an airplane and hope it gets there” service.  We carry your documents or package on our person and hand deliver to your recipient.

Our private courier service is not for everyone.  It’s for the person or business that needs absolute guarantee of a safe and secure delivery by a reliable and trusted person.

There is pretty much nothing that we can not transport for you.  We DO NOT carry illegal items.  We won’t fly to Sierra Leone, pick up your blood diamonds and deliver them to your broker in the diamond district of Antwerp.

That being said if you have legal documents or a package that needs to be delivered in person, privately and confidentially, we will go to all lengths and overcome all obstacles to get it to your recipient!

(305) 600-5121

We are a small boutique firm that serves a very small niche of clientele.  What ever your needs in regards to private hand held delivery we can accommodate them.  We specialize in the unusual, hard to deliver, private business or personal courier services.

Because every job is different and requires different skill sets we do not have a flat ‘one price fits all’ service.  Each job is examined, questions asked and then quoted.

We will fly to your pick up destination, secure your package/documents and then hand deliver them to your recipient.  How we get to the recipient destination is up to us.  If your package needs to be delivered in complete secrecy then we will get into the destination clandestinely.

As mentioned before, we specialize in the “hard to deliver” and won’t disappoint you!

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